Miss Deb

Miss Deb – Large titty, pierced snatch, asshole and a creampie, too!

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Big hooters, pierced twat, asshole and a creampie, too!

“I’m excited to be here,” says Miss Deb, a 54-year-old housewife and mother from Washington who’s back for her second go-round once getting a sperm drop facial in her 50PlusMILFs.com debut. Deb has DDD-cup jugs and four enormous twat rings down below, that may marvel those who see her outwardly conservative look in public.

“Sometimes you simply have to open a book and see what’s in it,” she said.

Miss Deb is a swinger, and her husband is perfectly fine along with her going off to fuck various men. Here, Miss Deb is getting to go off in a huge way.

“I’ve been extremely enjoying ass hole lately,” she said.

And, thus, for her encore, Miss Deb is progressing to have her booty screwed. Initial, she’s concerning to possess her mouth and cunt screwed, then she’s progressing to take a enormous penis in her booty, then she’s getting to have her cunt stuffed again, and deep! And then the guy’s aiming to load inside her muff. Yep, booty hole and a creampie within the same scene.

“I’m starting something new,” Deb told us.

We’re satisfied she invited united states together.

Big melons, pierced twat, butthole and a creampie, too!

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Miss Deb – Giant, fake titties, a pierced cunt…and she’s a cougar!

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Big, fake titties, a pierced cunt...and she's a mama!

With massive, fake jugs and enormous rings on her vagina, Miss Deb makes her 40SomethingMag.com debut by getting stuffed and facialized. About the big, fake jugs and the huge rings on her pussy: A few of fellows will like ’em. A couple won’t. A number of does like one but not the alternative. But either way, you have to admit this: When a babe goes to such nice lengths to call attention to her breast and pussy–when she will be able to go out of her way to add to the visual presentation–you grasp she’s attractive and needs to fuck. Maybe a lady gets giant, fake breasts because she likes how they look in clothes, but the rings on the beaver? That’s to attract extra fucking, gentlemen.

Anyway, Miss Deb is a 54-year-old next door wife from Spokane, Washington. She has DDD-cup racks, is 5’2″ and weighs 122 pounds. Yes, she’s a MATURE. A super-MILF, we say.

“I wear low-cut, tight tops to show off my titties and short skirts to show off my legs,” Miss Deb said. “When you have nice legs, they must be shown off. I’ve noticed which men don’t get that far, nor do they make eye contact.”

Nope. They’re staring at her melons. And maybe they’re headed right down to her legs, but then something gets their attention.

“If I wish to be truly slutty, I do not wear lots of panties with a short skirt,” she said. “And sometimes, my skirt is therefore short which you will check the bottoms of my pussy rings. That always gets a rise out of mans!”

She’s a swinger. No wonder.

“My wildest one-on-one was once closing at a club,” she said. “A four-hour bar scene of sex in all places and ways.”

And then she went home to see on the kids.

Big, fake chest, a pierced cunt...and she's a cougar!

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